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A special place in India

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Located in south east Tamil Nadu is Thrangambadi, an open air museum set by the beach and sea side.
Offering a stunning Fort from the 1752 build by Danish missionaries still stands today in perfect form. Inside the fort area there are schools and churches as well as local folk mostly fishermen.

Thrangambadi (also know as Tranquebar) is surprisingly unspoiled by tourism. It seems people have not ventured much past Pondicherry into the south east of Tamil Nadu. In fact Thrangambadi is not far from Chidambaram. Karkil is a delitefully unspoiled port town much like Pondi offering a free spirit on liquor sales. Thrangambadi is indeed a dry town.

As a tourist you will find a limited place to stay namely the prices Bungalow on the beach or the little brother Tamil Nadu Neema Guesthouse. The former is about 600Rs per night but have only a few rooms. Other than that there is little option available at present.